Business Internet Solutions

TechPath’s high speed internet options give your business access to
a fast, affordable and dependable connection.

Want high speed business internet?

TechPath is an internet service provider with access to the lines of all major internet carriers. Our customers benefit as we act as their single point of contact, providing beneficial internet solutions, coverage of support issues, and a guaranteed service level. We also provide highly competitive pricing.

Have you considered Cloud technology?

Many businesses face challenges posed by slow and inconsistent internet., especially upon implementation of new technologies, such as VoIP and hosted services. Our products support the latest technology whilst providing resources for future expansion.

How is TechPath Internet the best choice for my business

  • Fast business internet
  • Expert service with local support
  • Access methods that suit business requirements
  • Leverage cloud technologies (such as Office 365, Xero, VoIP)
  • Seamlessly connect multiple office locations
  • Flexible contract terms – 12, 24 or 36 months
  • Competitive pricing
  • Latest technology (SD-WAN)
  • No residential congestion

Internet Solutions

Business Networks

We offer internet from Australia’s leading carriers, all readily administered via a simple management console. TechPath’s proactive monitoring and off-line alerts make sure potential issues in your environment are identified, and can be tackled before they become problems. Whatever type of connection you need, TechPath can be trusted to provide the best internet solution.

Private Networks

Whether you need to provide secure access to remote offices, or to individual team members from any location, TechPath can make sure your internet solution is up to the task.

Our private networks ensure your sensitive data does not traverse the internet, and offer greater speed and stability than many other options. They make a safe and reliable choice for data centre backups, or for private connections to third parties.

Multiple Access Methods

TechPath private networks use a variety of high speed connection options including 3G/4G, ADSL, Ethernet, Dark Fibre, Microwave, and the National Broadband Network (NBN). Our experts can guide you through the maze of internet possibilities to find a combination that is the right fit for your business.

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“With our offices spread across Australia, TechPath provides a stable, cost effective connectivity option that includes either 4G, NBN or 100Mbps Fibre to each location.  The offices are now all securely connected with a cloud phone system that brings our people together on a single platform”.

Scott Stephens, Multotec

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