IT Strategic Planning for Medical Practices

While most medical practices do some form of strategic planning for their practice, they often miss one of the key aspects of planning for their success – IT Strategic Planning. After construction, fit-out and setup costs, IT infrastructure forms one of the largest capital expenses for any medical practice. Taking a strategic view of this expenditure and how the IT infrastructure is an important practice tool helps to deliver better patient, clinical and business outcomes.

How to Present IT Strategy to C-Level

For IT managers, presenting to a C-level audience is unlike any other situation, and it is important to understand how to handle it to get a strategy across the line. Senior executives don’t have a lot of time and make a lot of high-stake decisions, making a meeting with them a precious commodity. You have a lot to say and IT is crucial to the smooth running of any business, but it is imperative you get right to the pain point and push why this strategy should be important to them while you have their attention.

TechPath Case Study – Reducing Phone and Internet Costs

Managing costs would have to be one of the most common challenges discussed when we meet clients. No matter how frugal you are, how well you educate staff, costs of many essentials continue to rise – but putting up your own prices may make you less competitive. Many of the businesses we work with are seeking a fresh perspective on how they can use technology to keep costs under control – and there are many ways we can help. One of the easiest, though, is also the most often overlooked.

EX What? Why Employee Experience is Essential

EX? No, we are not talking about your previous significant other who always forgot to unpack the dishwasher or take out the bins. We are talking about Employee Experience.

The experience your employees have from the moment they first interact with your company’s recruiter, right through to their departure, is a collective series of emotional interactions the service industry has coined with the term ‘EX’.