Virtual CIO Services: How they save business costs (while increasing IT strategy)

To say these are uncertain times would be a colossal understatement. With nations in lockdown and ten percent wiped off the ASX in a day, now is the time for steady, experienced leadership. Unsurprisingly, organisations are seeking savings and efficiencies, and those unhappy with IT investment must urgently rectify the situation. At times like this, businesses are more dependent than ever on technology to allow them to navigate through volatile waters. But what if technology isn’t well aligned with the organisation’s strategic goals?

Migrate to Office 365: Three Key Steps to Help Your Journey to the Cloud Reach New Heights

In its early days, cloud was oversold in some quarters as the solution to all business IT problems, so it is little wonder the more experienced IT professionals were sceptical. Now the initial burst of hype over cloud has abated, and better-designed service offerings are available, cloud offers many advantages – and an equal number of pitfalls. So, how does your business get better results from cloud technologies?

A Gap in the Cloud: Is Your Cloud Backup as Safe as You Think?

We talk often about the importance of backing up data, and it is gratifying to see that the message is getting through. More often than not, organisations we encounter have a growing awareness of the value of data. Business leaders are more aware of the risk involved in losing access to data, even for a short while. With seemingly perfect timing, a wealth of cloud services emerged to make life easier. After all, when you’re using an app and click save, someone, somewhere, is protecting that data, right?

Efficiency Measures That Make Business Safer

We can all be at risk from our own hectic agendas. In spite of all the devices and apps at our disposal, we strain to fit everything in – and in the midst of it all, sometimes important actions are missed. Sometimes, we take a calculated risk, where we weigh the importance of seeing a child’s football game against a ‘soft’ work deadline. Other times, when we are pulled into the vortex of overload, the process is less managed, and risk increases without us noticing. That is where some simple efficiency measures can make your business safer.