Breaking New Frontiers: How Much Will SD-WAN Tech Save My Business?

The workforce has changed drastically in the last decade. Increasingly mobile and technically savvy, workers are accustomed to having access to their world via their smartphone, tablet, or a host of portable devices. Cloud technology has smashed previous boundaries, but with business-critical applications running over the internet across multiple clouds, traditional WAN architecture cannot keep pace. Bogged in complexity and stretching the limits of bandwidth, how is the IT team to respond to business needs fast enough to remain competitive?

IT Costs: Tighten Your Spending Without Choking Business

It is a common conundrum in business: there are opportunities to do more with IT, but it means spending less elsewhere. If you don’t want to upset the carefully established balance, how do you find savings that fund the way forward? In even the most cost-conscious customer environment, we always look for ways to eliminate overspend and avoid waste. Here are some of our ways to reduce IT costs and increase efficiency.

IT Strategic Planning for Medical Practices

While most medical practices do some form of strategic planning for their practice, they often miss one of the key aspects of planning for their success – IT Strategic Planning. After construction, fit-out and setup costs, IT infrastructure forms one of the largest capital expenses for any medical practice. Taking a strategic view of this expenditure and how the IT infrastructure is an important practice tool helps to deliver better patient, clinical and business outcomes.